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Here are a few facts you might not know about ‘Anti-Wrinkle Injection Stuff From Allergen’ (AWISFA).

01_imageAWISFA relaxes the muscles, and has no direct action on skin

Roughly 3 days after treatment, the injected muscle stops working, and you will barely be able to frown. But your wrinkles will not be completely gone. On average, the epidermis renews itself every 30 days. AWISFA keeps your skin still, and whilst your skin is being kept still it slowly changes itself from wrinkled to flat. Any problem takes 30 days to wash through.

AWIFSA is the most expensive commercially-produced substance on the planet

If you have a 10-unit treatment of AWISFA at Peach you will pay $195. This is an reasonable price. 10 units represents 0.43 nanograms of pure AWISFA. A nanogram is a billionth of a gram So if you are paying $195 for 0.43ng, that’s equivalent to $453 per nanogram, or $453,000,000,000 per gram. Today, gold is $51.74 per gram. Therefore, Agent B is 9 billion times more expensive than gold.

Totally freezing your face with AWIFSA is unnecessary if your goal is to reduce lines

Whilst the exact outcome of AWISFA treatment cannot be perfectly guaranteed each time, I like to reduce movement at a treatment area with AWISFA by around 80-90% rather than 100%. WHY? It’s more of a natural look, there are less chances of side effects and it’s less expensive. Results are better in smaller doses more often rather than larger doses less often. It is not only the extent of your movement that causes lines, but also the frequency of movement. AWISFA reduces your full range of movement.

Awisfa is used in the following areas:

Glabella Lines


The most common lines we treat with AWISFA are frown lines. Some patients with thick skin will have just one deep line, others with very thin skin may have four to six lines. AWISFA will induce relaxation in the offending muscles within a few days, and from then on the lines improve and improve as the skin stays still.

Forehead Lines


Forehead lines are those horizontal lines above your eyebrows and below your hairline. They are sometimes called “surprise lines” and are easy to reduce with AWISFA. Watch the brows rise and fall a few times in order to infer the exact location and extent of the frontalis muscle. Patients with high-sitting brows will not be bothered as much, but those with brows that sit quite low or hooded lids are more likely to be.

Crows Feet


These lines radiate from the outer corner of your eye and AWISFA will significantly soften these lines. AWISFA cannot fully eliminate all crows feet lines in the same way it might eliminate all glabellar lines. This is because the orbicularis oculi muscle into which it is injected is not the only muscle responsible for crows feet development.

Bunny/Nasalis Lines


The three sites for this treatment are the glabella, the forehead and the crows feet. Patients will often have these three sites treated, often expertly and well, but will appear as obvious AWISFA patients due to the persistence of bunny lines.

Lower Eyelid Pretarsal Orbicularis Hypertrophy


The bulge of this woman’s lower eyelid was treated by 2 units of AWISFA.

Brow Lift

One of the things commonly misunderstood about AWISFA is that it is said to make skin tighter and thus cause lifting. AWISFA relaxes muscles relaxes muscles relaxes muscles. But if we strategically place AWISFA into the right muscles and at the right dose, we can trick the unaffected muscles into causing a brow lift.

Gummy Smile


Some people find that when they smile their top lip rises so high that a sizeable acreage of bright pink gum comes on display, and they don’t like it.

This is called a gummy smile, and in this case you can see that the upper lip is being pulled high laterally.

Deep Nasolabial Lines


Nasolabial lines run from the edge of the nostril down to the corner of the mouth, and everyone has these lines when they smile.

As we age they commonly get deeper and persist even when we are not smiling.

Smoker’s Lines


Cigarettes do not cause these lines, and many non-smokers still have them. Rather, it is the act of pursing one’s lips that causes these lines to appear. Horizontal action of orbicularis oris along the white upper lip, repeated frequently, causes these creases to form.

Sad Mouth


This woman is pulling down the corners of her mouth with a bilateral muscle called depressor anguli oris. If you do this, you’ll look as if you’re sad. A filler is not always the right thing to do. If there is overactivity of the depressor anguli oris muscle, then a little AWISFA will help, also helping raise the corner of the mouth.

Chin Crease


Those who manifest overactivity of depressor anguli oris will often over-act mentalis as well, giving rise to a chin crease. Two units of AWISFA in each side will diminish mentalis activity enough to improve this line.

Cheek Mesotreatment

Small doses of AWISFA can be applied throughout the cheeks, over most of the animated areas of the face, in order to subtly diminish the hyperactivity that leads to disproportionate lining in some patients.

Nefertiti Lift

The Nefertiti lift is an AWISFA technique designed to sharpen the jawline by reducing the pull-down effect of platysma specifically along the jawline.

Masseter Hypertrophy/Square Jaw/Masculine Jawline.


The jawline on the left has a powerful look due to thick and strong masseter (jawline) musculature. This treatment also helps with bruxism (grinding your teeth) and some cases of TMJ pain.

Neck Pain

Some people develop focal neck pain inadequately relieved by analgesics physiotherapy and time. If you have neck pain and can point with one finger to the focal point of your pain, then there is a good chance AWISFA to that point will help relieve your pain for up to a few months.


The trigger, like neck pain, is to locate the point of pain. If you have a migraine pain that you feel all over your head, AWISFA is unlikely to help. But if you can point with one finger to the place from which the pain comes, then a jab of AWISFA to that point is definitely worth a try.

Horizontal Neck Lines


Those horizontal lines across your neck are due to overactivity of the platysma muscle acting as a broad sheet. Roughly 20 units of AWISFA will reduce movement enough to see significant reduction in those lines.

Platysmal Bands


These arise when certain strands of the platysma muscle flex more than the rest of the platysma.


Torticollis is a condition involving long-term painful contraction of the sternomastoid muscle. Such patients have a head that is chronically tilted and turned in one direction.

Tight Trapezius

The trapezius is the major muscle running from the back of the neck to the top of the shoulder. Chronic tension in this muscle can cause pain, and, once more, injections of AWISFA can relieve the tension and reduce the pain.

Axillary (Armpit) Sweating/Hyperhidrosis

Some people unfortunately suffer a degree of underarm sweating, and sometimes have to consider surgery. The major factor inhibiting the wider use of AWISFA for this indication is cost. We have found it to be rare that patients need a higher dose, and even if this is the case we can say that we have at least tried the lower dose to deliver a cost-effective result.

Palmar (Hand) Sweating

Hand sweating can be similarly reduced with injections of AWISFA. Dr Mahony performs nerve blocks to the median and ulnar nerves in order to completely numb the hands for AWISFA injections. The numbness lasts for an hour or so and during this time you cannot drive a car. Then once the AWISFA kicks in some patients find some of their fine hand function is more difficult.

Plantar (Foot/Sole) Sweating

Foot sweating can be reduced by injections with AWISFA as well.  Once again, nerve blocks are used to achieve anaesthesia and then the AWISFA is injected in multiple injections covering the sole of the foot.

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