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Arm Liposuction

The upper arms are a popular site for liposuction treatment.

“Tuckshop arms” and “bingo wings” are colourful but unflattering colloquialisms used to denote unwanted extra fat and often loose skin over the triceps. Extra and disproportional fat will often accumulate at these sites, making wearing a sleeveless dress a less appealing idea. Only women seem to get this particular fat distribution. Liposuction to the area is straightforward so long as the doctor realises s/he must be conservative. Over-treatment will leave an irregular result: happily Dr Mahony is skilled and experienced at removing the right amount, leaving the arm looking proportionally slender but not “done”.

Treatment Costs

Upper arms (excludes garment costs)


Am I a suitable candidate for a liposuction?

If you are happy with your weight but not your shape, liposuction is for you. If you are not sure, come in for a medical consultation with Dr Mahony and he will tell you whether liposuction is for you. If you are fit, but cannot shift the fat from your belly or " love handles", no matter how hard you try, liposuction is for you. If you are slim all over, except for a wide bottom then, liposuction is for you.

How long is the downtime?

It is about 1 to 2 weeks, you can go back to work in 2 to 4 days ( if your work is not physical), depending on how you are feeling. At first, it will be some bruising and swelling. Some of the anaesthetic fluid used to keep you pain free during the procedure will continue to drain for a day or 2 afterwards. You should wear a medical compressive garment over the treated area for 2 weeks, if treatment was performed on the body, on the neck. Just 2 to 5 days .This garment will help to reduce the swelling and help bring about the most even result.

Am I awake during the procedure?

We perform liposuction under local anaesthesia, you will be relaxed, but awake. Local anaesthesia is safer than general and also means a fast recover.